About Us


Founded in 2022, our team aspires to enable each of us to have more options along the career development journey by experiencing and up-skilling with AI-powered career services easily and flexibly.
  • Awarded HYAB WeVenture in 2021/22
  • HKSTP supported startup in 2023
  • Eduhk “EDUCE” incubatee
Keweya Team Photo
By utilizing the latest AI-driven technologies and new media content technology, we offer users to experience different job roles’ working scenarios and relevant skills, and empower employers and job seekers to achieve better job matching more easily and more flexibly.
Keweya works with you all together to shape the new normal of career life.
Keweya aims at discovering talents.
We build an AI powered platform for career related services —— simulating working scenarios for faster learning and automating the hiring processes for better job matching.
古有“伯樂相馬”, 今有可為也惜才、覓才、育才。
我們提供職業相關的平台服務,實現職業場景數字化, 讓青年人于職途上可以有所作為,讓企業成為千里馬的伯樂。

Advisor 顧問

Chan Chung Kit Ken, PhD
Master Course Lecturer with Teaching Awards and Field Experience Coordinator, The Education University of Hong Kong Department of Early Childhood Education
Associate Editor, Public Administration and Policy Journal, published by Emerald
Ex-Programme Leader (HK), Doctor of Education (EdD), The University of Nottingham (UK)​
Ex-Course Coordinator, Education Bureau commissioned courses for Heads of Guidance and Discipline Teams in Primary and Secondary Schools, and Career Guidance and Life Planning
Ex-Course Coordinator, Government commissioned Social Work courses for Officers (middle management in governmental departments)
Registered Social Worker (HK)
Associate Fellow, Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association
Fellow, Chartered Management Institute (UK)
陳中傑, PhD
Emerald 出版 Public Administration and Policy 國際期刊副主編
英國 University of Nottingham 前香港教育博士課程主任